How To Go Live On TikTok – Tips For Going Live On TikTok

TikTok is a famous social media platform where you can view, create, and share short clips of videos. Going live on TikTok can support you to increase your engagement, also build your viewers. You can actually make some money in the procedure via gift points. But going live is not a tool that is available to all TikTokers. You will have to fulfill specific conditions to get access to the option on the app.

Going live on TikTok gives the opportunity to have more interaction with their followers. Here is how to go live on the forum, including points for creating a successful Livestream. Below we are listing everything you must know to go live on TikTok:

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How to Go Live on TikTok?

1. Open the app, tap +, and select Live

The first step is to open the TikTok app and you will see the camera icon with the “+” sign in the center. Hit on that icon. You will then see the Live option under the record icon, like to the place where it reads templates and camera.

2. Choose and write a title for your broadcast

This step is maybe slightly more essential than you might think when you are in the moment. Both the title and the thumbnail will help other viewers to find your Livestream. So, while you especially go live for your fans and followers, make your live public. It will increase your audience even more.

3. Tap Go Live

Finally, hit the option that reads Go Live. And that’s all there to start a Livestream on TikTok. Once you ensure that you are broadcasting, you can do anything such as add effects, flip the camera, and filter comments.

Tips for going live on TikTok

Follow this advice to create interesting Livestream content on TikTok:

Set up your scene

Confirm that you have a steady filming surface with good lighting. For example, the use of a ring light will make your Livestream even more professional.

Ensure quality audio

Ensure that there is the slightest background noise, if at all so that your viewers are not distracted.

Right Time

Try to start a live stream based on when your viewers are most likely to be on the app. This will help you to maximize your number of viewers.

Length of Time

Live sessions are restricted to 60 minutes yet Tiktok suggests a precious span of 30 minutes.

Stay active

Post a video just before going to start your Livestream. That way if a user sees your video while the live broadcast, a particular icon will occur that lets them enter your stream instantly. 

Camera angle

Too much movement can lead to a dizzy and shaky stream experience so find a stable place for your camera or mobile and lock it in place for the time duration of your broadcast.

Plan ahead

You have to prepare what you will do in the Livestream to avoid long spans of dead air.

Expand your reach 

Post a TikTok just before going for a Livestream to increase your opportunity of getting new audiences.

Check your WiFi

Check your internet connection twice before starting live. So that you don’t face difficulty to interact with your followers. 

How many followers do you require to go for Livestream on TikTok?

Unlike a few social media apps, TikTok has a few conditions before you start a live on TikTok. The greatest condition is that you have at most 1,000 followers. If you do not have that many followers, then you won’t even see the option to go for a Livestream. 

If you think that thousand follower condition is a high barrier then you are not alone. But  TikTok did not just immediately select that number. Since the app likes by a young audience, TikTok has acquired a little pressure to better monitor and moderate the content conveyed by its users. 

The hope is that once a user reaches a thousand followers, they should be quite friendly with the platform and know what content they should not and should be posing. It all comes down to clarifying that TikTok is a safe place for all of its users.

Why can’t I go live on TikTok?

Having 1,0000 followers is not the only condition. While TikTok permits 13-year-olds to sign up for TikTok accounts, You have to be 16 years old to go for a Livestream. And, that is mostly for the purpose of security. This is just one of the protections TikTok has in place to keep the forum safe and secure for anyone on there.

Now, if you just turned 16 years old or newly hit 1,000 followers and do not instantly see the icon for go-live, don’t worry. It takes a slight time food TikTok’s records to update. So you may be required to give it a few days before you have the option to use TikTok to Live–stream.

But the superior news for the TikTokers that are above 18 is that there is a further component unblocked for you. That component is Gifts. Users will now be able to send you gifts both physical and digital when you go Live on TikTok. Think of it as an effective tip jar that people can reward you with if they are like your content.