How to convert word file to PDF, using MS Word?

Hello world how are you there? I am fine and this piece of writing brings you an amazing and interesting part of writing about two most widely used formats, that are MS Word and PDF (portable document format).

We will also see what a PDF file and a doc file are at the end of this, but firstly, let us discuss how to convert word file to a PDF file. Both, doc and PDF formats are widely used formats for information saving and data sharing, and most of the time people of every field need to convert word file into PDF format, and similarly, a PDF file into a Word file.

Keeping this need of students, teachers, scholars, motivational speakers, printers, writers, and many more, there are many ways of converting word files into PDF files, because sometimes PDF is more suitable than word file and helps people in different ways.


So let us get an MS word document and convert that into a PDF, and it is really easy than you can imagine, alright let us jump into it. Get on your Desktop and open your MS word file or create a new MS word file. Now you have a word file in front of you to write something in it or there might be something already written in there if you opened a file.

Now you need this very same document as a PDF file, so what you are going to do first of all goon and click on ‘File’ on the top left-hand corner, and then go to ‘save as’. If you are completely following this article, then follow it completely and brows for the desktop to save your file on.

Windows show up and there are two important options now, one is ‘Filename’ and the other is ‘Save as type’. You see in the file name section, there is a by default name for your file there with extension ‘.docx’. ‘.docx’ is a word file, and now when you change the word file to a PDF file then this extension will also change in to ‘.pdf’.

Go ahead, and click on the save as the type drops down and a whole bunch of options pop up. Some of them might not make sense, some of them might be known to you. There is an option of PDF, we will select this one because this is what we need to do, word file into a pdf file.

When you select this option, you see there is a change in ‘Filename’, this change is in format because it is now a PDF file. Just click on the save button and save this word document as a Portable document format.

What could be the other ways of converting word file into PDF file?

There are many options to do so, one of them is doing this using online tools like where you just upload your file and then get a PDF of the same uploaded file. You can also do this by getting yourself logged in to, where you have free login, and using your free login, you can do the same job there.

What is the best way of converting a word document into PDF?

Converting a word document into a PDF file is nowadays not a difficult job to do. There are different ways of doing so, one is using MS word option, the second way is using online tools, and the third is using

The safest way of doing so is using your MS word, as discussed above with each and every single point. Online tools can be a bit risky but it is also okay and very easy if you handle it carefully. has no risks of malware and is also a better way of getting this job done.