How the time of Suzanne khan ends at Hrithik Roshan’s house in Lockdown

The first lockdown was announced in March to prevent the spread of the corona virus. At the same time, Hrithik Roshan’s ex wife Suzanne Khan was shifted to his house. Hrithik himself gave this information through social media.

During the lockdown, this reunion of Hrithik and Suzanne was discussed very well. Suzanne has now shared the experiences and routines she had spent with Hrithik’s house children during the lockdown period.

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Vogue India magazine featured Suzanne’s entire conversation. Suzanne shared this information on her Instagram account. With this, Suzanne wrote – The best thing you will do in life will be in the middle of the walls of your house. Suzanne means family care and raising children here.

In this article, Suzanne said that when the lockdown was announced due to the COVID-1919 pandemic, Hrithik and he decided that it would be prudent for us and the children to stay in the same house.

Suzanne said that Hrithik gave the idea that everyone should sit in the same room for at least five days to an hour and read a book of their choice.