How Kanika Kapoor became more famous than Rajinikanth and Priyanka Chopra due to Corona virus

Till the end of March, singer Kanika Kapoor was known as the ‘Baby Doll’ singer. She was famous as a back ground singer but ever since her COVID-19 test has come positive.

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Eventually, the Lucknow police registered a case for negligence on the singer. After this, curiosity about them increased. In fact, Kanika was so much discussed last month that she had left Priyanka Chopra and Rajinikanth in the online search.

According to a release by search engine Yahoo, she was the most searched celebrity. According to a statement released by Yahoo, ‘Priyanka Chopra was the most searched female celebrity in online social media in India before the lockdown but as singer Kanika Kapoor reports Positive for COVID-19, she topped the list.

Vardan Gupta, a software engineer from Gurgaon, says, ‘I only knew Kanika Kapoor by name. I knew she was a popular singer but nothing more than that.