Himesh has no friends in the industry: Sonu Nigam

The conflict between Himesh Reshammiya and Sonu Nigam has once again come to the fore. During a conversation with a website, Sonu has said about Himesh that there is no question of working with him because both of them are not friends.

Sonu said, ‘In this case I am a bit different from Himesh. Himesh is not friendly to anyone in the entire industry. They have colleagues. While I have many friends in the industry.

Sonu Nigam started her career in Indian cinema in the early 90s, while Himesh started with the beginning of the 21st century.

Sonu says that Himesh’s father loves me very much. He said, ‘Of course Himesh also loves me very much, there are no two opinions in this. 

He started calling me a lot at his home too. I have worked with him in many film songs, but as he got success, he quit calling me. Although we still meet today, we meet with a lot of love. ‘

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