Hema Malini Said” ‘It played with the Security of the country’

Due to COVID-19, The number of newly infected people is continuosly coming in the country. In recent days, the number of infected people has increased rapidly. Meanwhile, some news came in which doctors and medical staff were attacked. Actress Hema Malini has expressed her displeasure about these incidents. Hema Malini shareda video from her Instagram Account.

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In this video Hema is saying, ‘Friends, I got to see this on many channels and was very sad’. Just thinl, if our true savior is someone in this era, then these are the people.To protect you. Opposing them is to play with the safety of the country and every citizen. Therefore, let those who give life on the country pay respect to them. On Instagram Hema wrote that, ‘Some of you might have watched the following interview on India TV where I have spoken about how I spend a typical day during this lockdown & social distancing period. This is for those of you who might have missed it!’.