Heavy devastation due to storm of Amfan in Kolkata, Bollywood Stars expressed concern

The devastation continues in India due to the storm of Amfan. On Wednesday, Kolkata saw the havoc of this great storm.

Many videos went viral on social media, in which you can see the scene of Kolkata’s destruction.

In such a situation, people from all over the country are praying for loss and harm to the lives of people in Kolkata. Bollywood stars have also expressed concern on Twitter.

Stars like Karan Johar, directors Shoojit Sarkar, Ranveer Shorey and Mimi Chakraborty tweeted and prayed for Kolkata and encouraged people.


Karan Johar tweeted and wrote, ‘Can this year be worse? Bengal stay safe. We are all praying for your safety.

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