Guru Purnima 2020 Date: Read About The Festival Dedicated To Gurus, Teachers, Mentors & Find Out Its Importance In This Modern Era

A Brief Introduction to the Most Popular Tradition

Guru Purnima is a significant, and vital day dedicated to the Guru. In the following lines, we are going to discuss the legends associated with it. You may learn why this great day is celebrated. Moreover, you will get to know how it is relevant even today.

Importance of the Guru in Your Life, and Guru Purnima Celebrating

Guru Purnima is celebrated in respect of the guru or the teacher, mainly by the Hindu, Sikh, Jain, and Buddhist communities around the world. In India, the guru is respected and appreciated because they enlighten their disciples and impart knowledge, and guide them towards the right path in their life. As such, it is believed that the life of any human being is typically incomplete without the presence of their gurus.

Guru Purnima

Enriched with Love for the Guru on Guru Purnima Occasion

In every month of July, a special combination of universal and star alignments results in the wonderful event of Guru Purnima. The especially promising, and auspicious timing of Guru Purnima is almost like an extra booster of high-frequency light energy enriched with love, and devotion. It is believed that even heavenly souls and Angels come from Heaven to join the celebration. 

The Teachings of A Guru

On this most blessed day, the devoted seekers honor their GURU as the “dispeller of darkness” (GU is taken for “darkness” and RU stands for dispels”), an embodiment of the divine Cosmic on the physical. This most influential, and prevailing day that falls on the full moon of July -July 5th, 2020.

Our passionate enthusiasm to celebrate our Guru stems from the unlimited and tireless dedication its Holiness gives to our own personal development.  Through experiential knowledge, and teaching the True Guru connects an explorer to the understanding, and knowledge of true purpose in this Worldly life. Only a true Guru helps a spiritual seeker break karmic patterns and thought processes, and thus opens up the entire ecstasy, and bliss of an open heart. 

We are personalized, and individualized spirits having a human experience, and only a True Guru can teach us how to see, experience, and understand the reality of life. The ultimate objective is to boost up our consciousness to the blissful truth, beyond the illusions of physical life and free ourselves of karmic patterns and physical captivity.

How to Celebrate the Event Whole-Heartedly

You may find several ways to celebrate Guru Purnima and honor our loving and sympathetic Guru, Sarva Lokaa Maa.  You may overflow with flowers at the Divine Bliss Altars worldwide, which is resplendent with all the colors of Divine Mother Earth. 

Homegrown food, from the Ashram’s own magnanimous miracle garden of love, could be whipped up into the most abundant and appetizing meals. The Disciples and Devotees prepare vibrant spun silks from Asia, turning them into beautiful dresses and gowns for the Holiness of the day.  This is really a time for celebrating an unconditional divine love. 

It’s also a time for sharing your pleasures, meals, clothes, shoes, and other belongings, and it is also urged all the followers of events here at the Divine Bliss Ashram to experience the energy, and warmth of higher beings and light energies, with loved ones.