‘Good Morning America’ Show Producer Thea Trachtenberg Dies at 51

“The Good Morning America” ​​show producer Thea Trachtenberg died on Monday. Robin Roberts said sadly that producer Thea Trachtenberg of the 51-year-old “Good Morning America” ​​show was no more with us.

The show called the anchor that “really, really loved her and loved what we should remember.” Tearing up, she added, “Boy, she had a big heart, oof.”

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According to the show’s host George Stephanopoulos, she had been associated with the show for 20 years and was suffering from cancer.

Stephanopoulos, who has received a coronavirus positive report, stated that “force on this show and a mentor to so many on our staff and a colleague and friend with a biting wit, skeptical eye and a very big heart.”

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Thea’s fellow Senior Executive Producer Michael Corn said at his death that “she was tireless in her pursuit of perfection in her pieces which is why she was the first choice of so many of the top talent at ABC over the years.”

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“Extraordinarily gifted at this thing we do, she could craft with equal skill epically smart and or heart wrenching and or funny television. I’m no doubt because Thea herself was razor smart and bitingly funny and filled with heart. “

Everyone expressed grief over his death and paid tribute to him by remembering him.