Gillian Welch release new track ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ Dedicate to her Mother

Gillian Welch has released his track “Happy Mother’s Day” while dedicating his mother to Mother’s Day.

He narrated this song by driving his mother in an answering machine. This short and beautiful song he went to as nursery rhyme of folksinger-songwriter crooning “Oh mama, I hope you know that I always love you so / not just the one day when we all say / happy happy Mother’s Day.”

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Gillian Welch released the song in 2001 along with Acony Records. This went sung by David Rawlings and Gillian Welch on the indie label.

Gillian Welch said about it in his statement “” We always always be with the ones we love, but that I’ve stopped from saying ‘I love you.”

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He told that “I wrote this song one May when I was far away and I be with my mom on Mother’s Day. Then I called and sang it into her answering machine when I knew everybody being sitting down to eat. Here is the original home demo for the song, recorded on a portable reel to reel. “