George Floyd Death Protest: Curfew removed from New York

Demonstrators urged to conduct COVID-19 test

New York City, the US closed for two months due to COVID-19, is set to reopen. Authorities lifted the curfew on Sunday. The curfew was imposed in protest after the death of black George Floyd in police custody. He urged the protesters to conduct the corona test.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appealed to people attending the rallies and marches in memory of George Floyd to test the Corona virus. He said that the state would open 15 testing sites for the protesters so that they could get the results as quickly as possible.

In Seattle, San Francisco and Atlanta, there have been vigorous protests over Floyd’s death and appeals have also been made to protesters to conduct the corona test. A free test is planned for them.

Please tell that America has been the most affected by the corona virus. The highest number of corona cases have been reported worldwide and people have died. New York was the epicenter of the virus outbreak and affected the most black people.