fsNew Complaint Filed Against Ekta Kapoor For Inappropriate Scenes Disrespecting the Indian Army in Her Web-Series

A New Problem Raising for Ekta Kapoor

A few ex-army personnel have filed a complaint in Gurugram Police Station against Ekta Kapoor for insulting the Indian army in her web-series Triple X-2. In the series, Ekta shows how the wife of an army officer cheats on him in his absence. After the former Bigg Boss contestant Hindustani Bhau, a few ex-army personnel in Gurugram’s Palam Vihar have lodged a police complaint against producer Ekta Kapoor for apparently insulting the Indian army in her web-show Triple X-2.

Humiliation to the Martyrs Won’t Be Endured Anymore

According to the reports by news agency IANS, the chairman of the Martyrs Welfare Foundation (MWF) – Major TC Rao objects to the content being shown in Kapoor’s web-series. Major TC Rao said that in the show, you can watch an army officer’s wife cheating on him in his absence and that’s typically a big insult for the soldiers who are serving the country on the borders.

As such scenes can demoralize the “Jawaans”. Rao added that the series further shows the woman making her lover wear her husband’s uniform, so they might tear it later in the scene. This is undoubtedly another attempt to insult the Indian army.

Can a Complaint Turn Into a Strong Agitation?

Rao quoted saying, as the content presented in the series is highly offensive, and objectionable and it could discourage our armed forces. There are also several scenes in the Triple X-2, where the uniforms of military men are used as symbols of the Ashoka statue and Taj. It’s torn apart which is totally unacceptable.

It could be called an effort to disgrace the martyrs and an insult to the military personnel, and our armed forces.” SN Rao, who is another member of the club, stated that the series is a deliberate attempt to show the Indian army in a bad way.

Moreover, he said, as being an ex-army official, they won’t let that happen. “In a state like Haryana that’s having representation of over 3.70 lakh army soldiers, this is an insult to them and ex-army men. like us. If Ekta Kapoor doesn’t remove the intolerable scenes from the web series, we won’t have any option but to make our agitation stronger,” he said.

Some Of The Big Names Nominated In The Complaint

Earlier, Bhau also known as ‘Hindustani Bahu’ lodged a complaint at Mumbai’s Khar police station against Tripple XX-2. In his complaint, he’s lodged against the inappropriate scene in the web-series. Kashif Khan the advocate hired by Vikas Phathak’s said that the matter has been taken seriously, and posted for hearing on August 24.

Kashif Khan said that “My client had filed a complaint against Ekta Kapoor at a local police station, but no action was taken till date, hence we moved a criminal complaint before the court,” Besides Ekta Kapoor, her OTT platform, ALTBalaji, mother Shobha Kapoor, Jeetendra Kapoor, and various other have been nominated in the complaint, said Kashif Khan.