Ford Bronco will be seen again after 25 years of halt

The Ford Bronco, or simply Bronco, is a Model series of Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Ford manufactured it from 1965 to 1996. All of the Broncos were with four-wheel power trains. Since it was discontinued in 1996, this is the very first release of Bronco. Three and a half years ago, Ford teased with the Bronco logo at the Detroit Auto Show.

A vehicle they have not produced for almost 25 years. Well the wait is over now for the Ford lovers, and not only we have one Bronco now but three different flavors of Bronco. We have got the three-door Bronco, the four-door Bronco and the loved one the one and only Bronco sport, which is based on the escape.

When will they go on sale?

The main Bronco will go on sale at the beginning of 2021. For the Bronco sport, the vehicle will be available at the end of 2020.

Specifications and design?

Of course, style is one of the biggest draws for the Bronco and has a ton of it. Especially when we talk about the cool retro heritage that comes with the original gen Bronco. Firstly, we have a one-piece grill and round lights design. It is very quick to remove the doors;

it is one bolt that goes through the hinge, which is pretty smart than pulling doors off of a wrangler. Now further down, we have a lot of heritage traits coming in, but most importantly, the rear 3 quarter looks fantastic with upright tail lights and with a tire mounted on the rear gate.


The two-door and four-door will be body-on-frame SUVs, which means they are built a lot like a pickup truck. They should have better off-road and towing capabilities than the typical modern crossover SUVs. The two-door has seating for four while the four-door has seating for five. The base engine will be a 2.3-liter turbocharged four cylinders, that makes two hundred and seventy horsepower and 310 lb. feet of torque.

Not all that impressive, but there will be an upgrade. There will be a 2.7-liter turbocharged V6 that is good for 310 horsepower and 400-pound feet of torque, which sounds a lot more appropriate especially for the four-door bronco. At the moment, there is no word or even a hint that there will be a hybrid-electric variant but one could hope.

Seven-speed manual transmission

The big news is the transmission because the base transmission will be a seven-speed manual transmission, a stick shift in the Bronco. The seven-speed will be a dedicated crawl gear. But, unfortunately, this will only be offered on the base four-cylinder engine. The V6 will get a 10-speed automatic which will also be optional on the four-cylinder. The front suspension gets AA arms, while the rear is a solid-axle multilink setup. Both get coil-over and Bilstein shocks.

In base form the Bronco will have 8.4 inches of ground clearance, approach angle is 35 and a half degrees break over is 21.1 degrees, and departure angle is 29.8 degrees. If you opt for the 35-inch all-terrain tires, ground clearance climbs to an impressive 11.6 inches, approach angle increases 43.2 and break over to 29 degrees and departure angle is 37.2 degrees.

When did Bronco come to halt?

Ford stopped making the Bronco in 1996 and left its famous 4X4, which is four-wheel power tires, in the past until now. But now it seems like the Bronco has come from death. The all-new three new Ford Broncos will be rolling onto the showroom floor in late 2020 and early