For The First Time Mugdha Godse opens her equation with Rahul Dev’s son

Mugdha Godse, known for her role in fashion, has been in a live-in relationship with Rahul Dev for the past several years.

They have been dating each other for the last 7 years. However, they made things official only in 2015, after which, Rahul and Mugdha never shied away from publicly talking about their love life.

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Age is just a number for him and Rahul Dev himself has mentioned it in front of the media. Currently, they are not planning to settle down and are only going with the flow.

We asked Mugdha how his relationship with Dev had evolved over the years, to which he said, “To be honest, I did not realize how 7 years had passed. It is an everyday journey that goes from day to day and more It gets beautiful.

Since Rahul had recently mentioned her age difference to be annoying her in the beginning, we thought about asking Mugdha about the same, and her answer was different than that of her partner: “No. , I was at the age where someone would ignore all these things.