Find out what was shown in the Ramayana on 16 April

The telecast of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana on Doordarshan has greatly increased the viewership of the channel. The channel has topped the TRP rankings ever since the Ramayana, Mahabharata and many other old programs are telecast.

Ramayana is being seen the most and people are taking a lot of interest in it. A recent report said that the episode of Ramayana, which aired on April 16, has been watched by most people worldwide.

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As per information released by Doordarshan, the episode aired on April 16 worldwide was watched by 7.7 crore viewers, making it the most watched serial. The Ramayana has been well-liked for a few weeks, but this record of April 16 has set a record.

Talking about April 16, Meghnad has shown the part in this Ramayana after Meghnad killed Laxman with power. In which Hanuman goes to Lanka at the behest of Vibhishan and calls Vaidya and at the behest of Vaidya, Hanuman brings the whole mountain for Sanjeevani Booti.

Along with this, the dialogues of Ravana and Meghnad about bringing this Hanuman mountain are also shown.