FaZe Banks Net Worth- Updated 2021

Faze Banks Net Worth

What is FaZe Banks Net Worth

FaZe Banks Net Worth? How did this man really make all of this money? Where did he initially come from? What does he do for a living? What does his family do and who are they? If you have all these queries inside your mind, then, worry not because this article holds the answers to all your questions and facts related to this celebrity personality, FaZe Banks. 

NET WORTH: $13 Million 

Occupation: YouTuber

DATE OF BIRTH: 18th October, 1991


Faze banks age: 29

Faze banks height: 5’9 (1.80 m) 

BIRTH PLACE: Lawrence 

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United States of America

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Social Media Platform- YouTube 



Faze banks real name is Richard Bengtson AKA ‘FaZe Banks’ is a very popular American YouTube star who is also one of the owners and founders of the e- sport organization named as FaZe Clan. This organization was founded back in 2020 by players which we know as ClipZ, Housecat and Resistance. 

This YouTuber currently lives in Los Angeles, California and as of 2021, he is known as one of the most famous YouTuber’s in the game right now. FaZe Banks Net Worth is estimated to be a figure of $13 million as of 2021. 

Early Life: 

FaZe Banks was born in the year 1991 on the 18th of October in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in the United States of America. Banks belongs to Caucasian ethnicity but he is an American national since birth. Till the age of seven, he was raised in Lawrence but after that, he and his family moved to a town of Lowell, MA. 

FaZe graduated from Lowell High School

Ever since he was child, he has been playing tons of pranks on his friends. His family told that he was very mischievous and a troublemaker, known for being a prankster. FaZe graduated from Lowell High School in 2010 and during his days in High School, he found out his interest and love for gaming. He then started playing several games online and Halo 3 on Xbox Live.

FaZe interests in gaming increased day by day and he worked upon his gaming skills even more. Today, he is one of the most successful players out there in the gaming field. FaZe Banks Net Worth is $13 million now which reflects his massive accomplishment in his gaming career, which he chose for himself as a youngster back in his high school days. 


FaZe discovered his growing interest in online gaming back when he used to study at High School. He used to play various online games and video games including Halo, madden and NHL. 

In the year 2011, FaZe started his career on the social media platform, YouTube. He made a channel named as ‘BanksHasBank’ and started uploaded content on there. Mainly, the videos which he used to post were short clips that featured trick shots for the game titled as ‘Call of Duty’ and different video games related tips and tricks. 

Journey to Fame: 

FaZe Banks then joined SoaR Clan. His decision to join this proved to be very fruitful for him as well as for the SoaR Clan. Its ranks went up high every single day and rose in the eyes of their fans. FaZe built his persona as a member of the Snipping Clan. His endless determination and exceptional performance for the Snipping Clan helped it grow a lot. 

He hired employees who had heaps of talent like Banks, for the Snipping Clan, and produced interesting content for his YouTube channel that went viral and gained a lot of fame and views on YouTube. While he was a part of the SoaR Clan, he named his YouTube channel as SoaR Banks. However, later in 2013, he renamed his channel to FaZe Banks after joining the FaZe Clan. 

FaZe Clan gaming skills

Next to joining the FaZe Clan, his team members began to recognize his efforts and gaming skills. FaZe Banks has impeccable leadership skills which were prominently recognized by other members of the FaZe Clan. When he joined the FaZe Clan in March 2013, he just had around 45k subscribers but at the end of June, the same year, he had 100k subscribers. 

In the middle of the year 2017, Banks hit 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and became a popular name in the YouTube industry. Post this achievement, Banks stopped with his gaming career and started focusing on making vlogs and challenge videos more, also available on Netflix

He developed an interest in making YouTube content related to reaction and challenge videos. After he stopped making all the gaming videos for his YouTube channel, his main focus was on creating vlogs and challenge videos. Cureently, he is living with his FaZe Clan and is focusing more on its growth by hiring passionate and talented employees for it. 

His career and his journey by far have been quite prolific for him as FaZe Banks Net Worth now is more than $13 million, as of 2021. 

Faze banks twitter


Faze Banks Twitter: https://twitter.com/fazeclan?lang=en

Faze Banks Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/banks/?hl=en

Faze clan members

Thomas “Temperrr” Oliveira

Kiari “Offset” Cephus

Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff

Richard “Banks” Bengston

Yousef “Apex” Abdelfattah

Brian “Rug” Awadis

Nordan “Rain” Shat

Faze banks girlfriend:

Personal Life

Now, coming to FaZe Banks personal life, his love life has also been quite the talk of the town in the recent years. In 2017, his career was at the peak. He met an Instagram Model named Alissa Violet. The couple started going out and became a media sensation as this model was dating famous YouTuber ‘Jake Paul’ back in 2015. 

The star couple kept all their fans updated with their relationship and also posted tons of affectionate videos on their social media handles about each other. The couple’s love grew even stronger and they used to upload content related to one another on their respective YouTube channels as well. 

FaZe surprised his girlfriend Alissa with a car

FaZe surprised his girlfriend Alissa with a car which was worth $10000 and even recorded her reaction for his YouTube video. He once asked her to call out any number in between 1 to 100 and they both blurted out the same number which was ‘68’. FaZe later got that number tattooed on himself. 


They both broke up in 2019 after a two- year long relationship when Alissa claimed that Banks cheated on her. She told the media that she suspected him many times before she actually jumped to any conclusions. 

Banks talked about the break up by saying that he did some hurtful things which led to this but there is more to the story. He just wishes her the best of luck and didn’t badmouth his ex- girlfriend. 

What is FaZe Banks Net Worth in 2021? 

FaZe Banks Net Worth, as of 2021, is an estimated amount of $13 million. The star began his career as a YouTuber. His channel featured some tips and tricks related to the popular video game ‘Call of Duty’. The videos also included some trick shots for games. 

The graph of his career curved tremendously when he joined the SoaR and the FaZe Clan. His hard work and determination resulted in the massive growth of his career. When his YouTube channel crossed 1 million subscribers, he started focusing more on his videos and vlogging. 

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Some Interesting facts about FaZe Banks: 

Down below are some of the most interesting facts about the gamer and YouTuber FaZe Banks, which you should know: 

  • His name by birth is Richard Bengston. 
  • Primarily, the name of his YouTube Channel was ‘BanksHasBank’ but he later on changed the name to ‘FaZe Banks’ after he joined the FaZe Clan. His name remains the same till date. 
  • Post joining the FaZe Clan , his YouTuber subscribers crossed the mark of 1 million in 2017. 
  • His early income from his YouTube channel is over $350 k. 
  • Ever since he was a kid, he had been known to be a trouble maker. His friends used to call him the prankster. 
  • Banks bought his ex- girlfriend, Instagram Model Alissa Violet, a car worth $100,000 as a surprise. He even recorded her reaction to the gift. 


FaZe Banks is a talented individual that has created one of the most popular and successful esports teams in the world, recruiting many of the industries’ biggest talents as its employees. He generated millions from their sponsors. 

Thanks to his dedication and consistency over the years, he has reached the sky in terms of his career. Banks is truly an inspiration for every gamer in the industry today, as he is someone who created something extraordinary from absolutely nothing. He always keeps his fans updated with his work and personal life through his social media accounts and is really a media sensation. As of 2021, FaZe Banks Net Worth is a whopping figure of $13 million.