Everything breaks when your heart breaks : Sushmita Sen

In a session called ‘Heart to Heart’ Sushmita sen reveal’s secret’s of her life. In this interview Sushmita said, ‘This gives you the biggest lesson of life.

When your heart breaks, you also feel like every human feels after breaking his heart. It does not matter whether you are famous or a student. If your heart breaks then all is broken. It is very difficult to control the feeling when you are young.

sushmita Sen’s Interview

After this, when she was asked about the fear, she said, ‘There is a force in fear that destroys you. But it depends on you how you will take the fear. 

Sushmita further said, ‘When your heart breaks you feel that everything is going bad and you start going into depression. You feel bad for everything. But when you understand things, you will feel that this whole world is romance. 

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