Ekta Kapoor told son and nephew a lion, Video viral

Ekta Kapoor is spending time with her family due to the lockdown. These days she is very active on social media. Ekta Kapoor shares the video while playing or dancing with her son Ravi

Ekta has shared a cute video in which Ravi and Lakshya are playing together. Lakshya is Tusshar Kapoor’s son and Ravi Ekta Kapoor’s sweetheart.

There is also tremendous bonding between the two brothers.

Video shared bu Ekta kapoor on Instagram.


In the video, Lakshya is playing with his younger brother Ravi. Ekta Kapoor calls both of them lions.

When Ekta asks Lakshya who is Tiger? So the goal points towards Ekta Kapoor.

In the video, Lakshya tries to lift Ravi. That’s when Ravi starts crying. Meanwhile, Ekta asks Lakshya, should I cut your brother’s hair? The target refuses to do so. 

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