‘Duryodhana’, ‘Krishna’ have already fought against ‘Bhishma’ for Shatrughan’ Daughter

This time Mahabharata has been sparked when Sonakshi Sinha’s wronh answer to a question related to Ramayana in KBC. Bhishma(Mukesh Khanna) of the Mahabharata had taken a dig at Sonakshi’s mythological information, after ehich first Krishna(Nitish Bhardwaj) and now Duryodhana(Puneed Issar) has taken Mukesh Khanna in the face.

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Sonakshi Sinha appeared as a guest in KBC’s Karmaveer episode. During the game, the question came- for whom did Hanuman bring Sanjeevani Booti? Soakshi could not answer this question, after which she was criticized on Social media. According to Entertainment Times Nitish said, “I would like to say my frien Mukesh that it is possible that an entire generation does not know anything about Indian heritage and literature.” But it is not their fault. After this, Shatrughan said that, who made Mukesh Khanna the patron of Hindu culture. The Ramayana is currently airing on DD national, while the Mahabharata is being broadcast On DD Bharati.