During the time Of Lockdown, this film of Naseeruddin will give hope to people

Due to COVID-19, there is a lockdown situation in the country. In this situation, all trades are closed.

At the same time, shootiong of many films has also been stopped due to this reason. Also, the movie’s release date has been canceled. In such a situation, a film has suddenly come up for discussion.

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The film Naseeruddhin Shah is referring to is called ‘Half Full’, This is a short film. The film ‘Half Full’ Naseeruddhin has won the hearts of the audience once again with his payment.

The film is the story of a man who has to take a very important decisiom in his life, when he meets an elderly person.

After this meeting, the person’s life, death and attitides change. In an Interview, Naseeruddhin said, ‘I think that short films being made for the web give the youth an opportunity to present their art’.