Dinesh Lal Yadav was punished because of Karisma Kapoor

Jubilee star Dinesh Lala Yadav of Bhojpuri cinema is included in the list of Nirahua Superstars. Bhojpuri industry hit star Nirhua has given many hit films in his career. Their pair has been seen on screen with almost all the actresses.

Due to the lockdown these days, all the stars stop shooting and spend time with the family in their homes. He is connected with his fans through social media. Recently, Dinesh Lal Yadav also came live to be seen by fans.

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In live chat Nirhua told about an incident. He said, ‘I was in the NCC camp. Then I came to know that Karisma Kapoor’s film is releasing. I thought today my record would be broken. But, then I thought of an idea and asked the guard to do the needful.


He further said, ‘When I returned, I saw that everyone was being asked what he had said. At the same time, when I came back, I was asked where I had been, I told the truth and told them that I had gone to see Karishma Kapoor’s film.