Dia Mirza shared video of Ganga River

Film actress Dia Mirza has shared a video of the clean Ganga water of the Ganges river on social media amid nationwide lockdown. Actress Dia Mirza and other Bollywood stars are sharing an incredible video that the Ganges water has been cleared due to the lockdown.

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In the video, the underwater river is completely visible in Rishikesh. Dia retweeted the video and wrote, ‘The lockout on human activity is recovering natural resources. Clean water is essential for health and progress # CleanGanga ‘actress Athiya Shetty also retweeted it.

Diya’s followers were happy after watching the video. One fan wrote, ‘Nature knows to balance things with humans.’ Another wrote, ‘Should we lockdown a month every year to support nature?’


The Ganga Action Plan was conceived in 1986, the central government has spent about Rs 5000 crore cleaning the river considered sacred by hundreds of crores of Indians but to little effect.

Experts say that if there is no presence of natural bacteria in the river, then it is very good to consume water at this time.