DeSean Jackson Apologizes For His Anti-Semantic Posts On Social Media

DeSean Jackson or DeSean William Jackson is an American footballer, currently playing for Philadelphia eagles, at the National Football League (NFL). He has been under fire while receiving comments and statements for DeSean Jackson’s anti-semitic statements on his social media accounts.

Although Jackson has apologized for any hurt his posts have made to anybody, especially the Jewish community, he is still under fire for his anti-semantic content on social media. The reaction to his posts is outrage and condemnation. His own team has condemned his posts and the owner and the manager of Eagles have expressed disappointment as they both are Jews.

What expert opinions say?   

Jackson has been working out in Florida with other players preparing for the upcoming NFL season, that might be on hold after he shared hateful speech via social media.

When did DeSean Jackson Posted anti-semitic posts, and what he said afterward?

Over the weekend, Jackson took to Instagram to promote messages and posts, that are purportedly linked to Adolf Hitler. Jackson also shared quotes to his 1 million followers from Louise Farrakhan, The leader of “The Nation of Islam”.

Farrakhan has long been considered an anti-Semite by the anti-defamation League of Philadelphia. After the initial backlash, Jackson backtracked by saying in parts “anyone who feels I have hate towards Jews community, they took my post the wrong way”.

What eagles, his team, said about the posts?

Late July 7 morning the eagles released statements announcing that they have had conversations with DeSean. And that his messages and quotes are offensive, harmful, and absolutely appalling. However, they have not made a decision on his future with the team; saying that they are continuing to evaluate the circumstances and will take appropriate action. DeSean when back to his Instagram accounts on July 7, and apologized for any hurt his quotes. And post might have made to anybody individually or to Jewish Community.

DeSean Jackson Player

What DeSean said in a video, intended for apologizing for his posts?

“My posts were definitely not to make anybody of the race feel any type of way, especially the Jewish community. What I posted, I definitely did not mean to the extinct that you guys took it. I just want to let you guys know that I am very apologetic”.

Shira Goodman of the anti-defamation league of Philadelphia said

Shira Goodman of the anti-defamation league of Philadelphia says DeSean needs to learn about why his posts are harmful. “You think you have done something wrong, you need to take responsibility. You need to understand that.

We do not think that posting Hitler, demonstrates an understanding of the damage. And danger that hatred of all kind, whatever is it you have, be it anti-Semitism, Racism. And what we are seeing a lot now during coronavirus biased, against the Asian-American, Pacific islander community”. Added Shira in a video statement.

What were the posts of DeSean?

DeSean Jackson’s posts were pictures from a book that attributes some words to Hitler. And says, “Hitler said: Because white Jews know that the negroes are the real children of Israel and to keep America secret Jews will blackmail America. They will extort America, their plan for world domination will not work if the negroes know who they were”.