Democratic Nominee Joe Biden Supporter Alyssa Milano Change Her Tune on his Accuser Tara

Actress Alyssa Milano has tweeted on her Twitter account in favor of Democratic nominee Joe Biden, which has made her headlines. She has changed from an actress to an activist who talks about the rights of women.

He wrote in his tweet that “I’m aware of the new developments in Tara Reade’s accusation against Joe Biden. I want Tara, like every other survivor, to have the space to be heard and seen without being used as fodder. I hear and see you, Tara. #MeToo”

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Reade, a supporter of Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his former neighbor, has told Business Insider in his interview that “I think we need to compare how she responded to Brett Kavanaugh … quite different than the talking points she [used] regarding Joe Biden . “

Asked about Milano, she said “She never reached out to me. I don’t really want to amplify her voice because I feel like she hijacked my narrative for a while and framed it about herself … she knows nothing about it. “

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Milano told Cohen in his last statement that “I just don’t feel comfortable throwing away a decent man that I’ve known for 15 years in this time of complete chaos without there being a thorough investigation and I’m sure that The mainstream media would be jumping all over this … if they found more evidence through their investigation. So I’m just sort of staying quiet about it. “

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Many people have criticized this tweet of actress Alyssa Milano. His tweet has gone viral and everyone is condemning him.