December Global Holidays – December National Holidays

December Global Holidays

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December Global Holidays is undoubtedly the greatest festive month of the year. The month is noticeable by all manner of festivals and events all over the world, including cultural, religious, and even corporate occasions.

In this article, we will explore the top nine most influential December global holidays and their symbols.

1. Hannukah

Date Marked: November 28 – December 6

Category: Religious

Hannukah is also called the Festival of light or Chanukah. It is an 8-day Jewish event that generally starts on the 25th day of the month of Kislev on the Hebrew calendar. There are normal variations on the exact day that Hannukah starts every year according to the Gregorian calendar. This year, this event falls between 28 November and 6 December.

It is a duration to celebrate the re-dedication of the second Temple of Jerusalem after the Maccabean Revolt. Chanukah is also celebrated by reciting the Hallel prayer and as well as by the singing of special songs, such as Ma’oz Tzur.

2. World AIDS Day

Date Marked: November 28 – December 6

Category: Religious

The concept of World AIDS Day was first initiated by Thomas Netter and James W. Bunn in August 1987. At that time, Netter and Bunn were working for the World Health Organization’s Global Program on AIDS as public information officers.   

World AIDS day is devoted to increasing awareness of the spread of AIDS/HIV also marking those who are influenced or infected by the infection. There are multiple ways to celebrate the day including sponsoring safe-sex campaigns, lobbying governments to ramp up efforts to curb the spread of HIV, and visiting destitute children orphaned by the disease.

3. Santa Lucia

Date Marked: December 13

Category: Religious

Santa Lucia was an Italian who died as a martyr. She is seen as a formation of light in the dimmest part of the year. She is celebrated and remembered each December 13th in Sweden as a  sign of hope and light. This significant day is pointed by processions and atmospheric concerts, featuring musicians covered in white and wearing headdresses featuring authentic flickering candles. 

4. Yule

Date Marked: December 21 – January 1

Category: Pagan

Yule is also known as Yuletide. This festival is marked by Germanic people in the world. The festival has pagan roots and can be outlined back to the Norse god Odin also the Anglo-Saxon festival of Modraniht. Yule literally falls within the winter, making it one of the most popular and oldest celebrations in the world.

Old people celebrated Yule by burning a big log in a bonfire and spending the long night out-of-door. Although the tradition of log lighting is still rehearsed today, many people also celebrate this event by creating a Yule altar, giving back to Mother Nature, or making an endless Yule wreath. Yule Tree decorations and Candlelit dinners are too common, as are exchanging of nature-based gifts.

5. Festivus

Date Marked: December 23

Category: Parody

Festivus is a December global holiday that penetrated famous culture in 1997. The main objective of this parody holiday is to talk contrary to Christmas consumerism. the holiday has continued to increase in fame, especially among v and frugal spenders.

As contrary to buying a costly Christmas tree, Festivus is celebrated by standing around a plain aluminum pole. Other famous Festivus customs include “airing of grievances” and “feats of strength.”

6. Christmas

Date Marked: December 25

Category: Religious

Christmas is undoubtedly the most famous December holiday. The day celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom Christians consider being the last actual prophet sent by God to protect humankind from evil. What sets Christmas separated from the greatest religious festivals is that the day is normally marked even by non-Christians.

Christmas is marked in different countries as a cultural as contrary to a religious occasion. There are multiple ways to celebrate the event, including leaving gifts for Father Christmas or Santa Claus. 

7. Boxing Day

Date Marked: December 26

Category: General

The view has always been diverged on how best to celebrate it and how Boxing Day came into being. A few people think that this was the official day when churches gifted alms boxes to the needy after Christmas. Others consider Boxing Day as the day to gift postmen, errand boys, and different kinds of servants, in gratitude for their service all over the year.

8. Kwanzaa

Date Marked: December 26 – January 1

Category: Cultural

Kwanzaa is a December holiday established in African history and marked especially in the US. The day was generated by Dr. Maulana Karenga and was first celebrated in 1966 following the Watts riots in Los Angeles, California. 

Kwanzaa is usually marked with traditional African dances and songs. There is also poetry reading, storytelling, and discussing different principle significances of the African culture. These events normally top in a big standard meal at the end of every day and a mega dinner known as ‘Karamu’ on December 31.

9. New Year’s Eve

Date Marked: December 31

Category: General

The final December holiday on this list also occurs to fall on the very final day of the month. The objective of New Year’s Evening is to celebrate the end of the old year also usher in the arriving year.

There are multiple ways to celebrate this day. Many religious people visit their worship places to thank God for the blessings of one more year. Other people celebrate New Year’s Evening in restaurants, pubs, and further social gatherings. For more update you can visit Wikipedia

More Global December Holidays 

Below are more special holidays celebrated every December. 

  • December 1 – National Day in the United Arab Emirates 
  • December 4 – Farmer’s Day in Ghana 
  • December 6 – Independence Day in Finland, Constitution Day in Spain 
  • December 7 – King Bhumibol’s Birthday in Thailand 
  • December 10 – Constitution Day in Thailand 
  • December 12 – The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico
  • December 13 – Republic day in Malta 
  • December 16 – Victory Day in Bangladesh,  Day of Reconciliation in South Africa 
  • December 18 – National Day in Qatar 
  • December 26 – Boxing Day in Various Countries, Independence and Unity Day in  Slovenia 
  • December 29 – Unduvap Full Moon Poya in Sri Lanka
  • December 30 – Rizal Day in the Philippines