Death toll in southern Mexico from 8.1 earthquake reaches 90

People are forced to stay out of homes due to earthquake

The life in South Mexico has been greatly affected by the tremendous earthquake. People are quite frightened by repeated earthquake tremors. The death toll due to the 8.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Thursday night in South Mexico has increased to 90. At least three dozen people have died in Zucchitan.

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Due to the earthquake, life in Jucithan city has been disrupted. People are forced to stay out of homes. One-third of the houses here are no longer liveable and due to repeated earthquake tremors, people are afraid to move even closer to those buildings which are still in good condition.

Authorities in Oaxaca and Chiapas said thousands of homes and hundreds of schools have been damaged or destroyed. Hundreds of people have to face water crisis.

After the terrible earthquake in the city, many powerful tremors continue, including the 5.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred on Sunday. In such a situation, a large number of people are sleeping outside due to the possibility of falling buildings.