Dark Humor Jokes

dark humor jokes

It is impossible to declare that we live in a steadily more angry world. Nevertheless, comedy is one unfillable way to help destress, relax, and let go of things. Dark humor jokes are intentionally mean and they can offer an even more release. By sitting with many people and listening to someone reel off funny joke after funny joke, we can laugh without any worry and let our stresses melt away.

Comedy should be above censorship, in different ways, because it is not favoring anything. Rather, it is making light of the bad, empowering people to laugh in the face of adversity, and ridiculing the villains.

What Are Dark Humor Jokes?

Humor is a very personal thing. What one person might find much hilarious, another may find dull. Look at anything from hoist comedians to television comedies and sitcoms. Just because you have a good sense of humor and like one of the above, however, you’ll not automatically like everything. Such is life!!!

Although, when it comes to laughter, one style is getting better with more disgust than others. Dark humor jokes are just like an old uncle who has Tourettes. Everyone wishes they had one, but when they do, you are not permitted to talk about it.

Dark humor jokes, according to their definition, take the worst parts of life and make light of them. These are often called gallows humor or black humor. These dark humor jokes are something that lies in the underworld of many. Nevertheless, many are unwilling to give a laugh for fear of censure.

Defining Dark Jokes

First of all, dark jokes take topics that are considered either uncomfortable or offensive and turn them into a joke. We are talking about topics likes:

  • Disability 
  • Disease
  • Death
  • Abuse
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • War
  • Poverty
  • Sex and Sexuality

These are all topics that make people uncomfortable and awkward when discussing them. Usually, because their talk is generally a reason for offence.

What Makes Dark Jokes So Funny?

Since comedy has existed, people have laughed at mishaps. Either their own or that of others. The coping means we mentioned above make it possible for us to discuss other tough topics. For example, take the holocaust, this is the darkest time in human history without any doubt. But there are a lot of jokes out that make the holocaust the target of the joke.

What is impressive to note is that there has been a scientific link found between intelligence and those with a dark sense of humor. Those who have a higher level of intelligence are more apt to be in control of a dark sense of humor.

Best Offensive Jokes for the Dinner Table

Mealtimes are usually a place for pleasing conversion. An opportunity for the family to get together and talk about their day. In our house, we like to use it as an opportunity to forget all our worries and fears and talk about things that are bothering us. 

Dark humor jokes like gravy and wine in others. Moreover, they can be delivered without any warning, an act that only helps to strengthen their impact.

Offensive Jokes for Any Occasion:

  1. My daddy was slicing onions and I started crying. Onions were such a good dog.
  2. My parents raised me as an only kid, which annoys my brother.
  3. A son tells his dad, “I have a girlfriend in my imagination.”
    His dad says: You know, you could do better.
    The son says, “Thanks, Daddy.”
    His father nods his head and replies, “I was not talking to you, I was talking to your girlfriend.”
  4. Everybody loves you. If you donate one kidney, you become a total hero. But donate five, and everyone is screaming suddenly. 
  5. A guy says to his date that I work with animals. She replied, “aww that’s so sweet.” I love a man who cares about animals and asked him if he is a vet? He says no, I am a butcher.

Guilty Pleasure Dark Humor Jokes

We all have guilty pleasures, life would not be the same without them. Those things that we know that we should not like or do, but do anyway. A guilty pleasure to some could be holding a slippery hamburger or a harsh Nandos.

For me, it is watching offensive horror movies. For others, it is laughing at mean jokes or sharing memes over the workplace…… ok alright, that is me too.

The following dark humor jokes are the sort of jokes you’ll keep in your armoury and use them unusually but with a well broad audience.

Jokes You Feel Bad Laughing At:

  1. You do not require a parachute to go skydiving.

You require a parachute to go skydiving double.

  1. My girlfriend was into astronomy and questioned me about how stars die. I told her, Usually an overdose. 
  2. My elder relatives enjoyed teasing me at weddings by saying, you will be the next! they quit mocking me when I started doing the same to them when we are at someone’s funeral.
  3. My husband and I have made a tough choice and have decided we don’t want children.

If anyone does, please just send me your contact details and we will drop them off tomorrow.

  1. The doctor said to his patient, I have bad and good news for you.

The patient said, first tell me the good news.

The doctor replied, your test results are back and you have only two days to live.

The patient said that is the good news? What is the bad news?

The doctor replied I have been trying to contact you for two days.

Dark Humor Jokes: The Punchline 

It does not matter if you loudly laughed out at the orphan jokes in the above list or simply had a laugh at a few inappropriate memes during your online meeting. It is also important to keep in mind that dark jokes might be offensive but they should never be used to offend others.

After all, dark humor jokes are a different kettle of fish. If you understand them It means you have a taste for dark humor jokes. But, do not worry because offensive jokes are only that way if you take them in that sense. Otherwise, they are no different from other jokes.