COVID-19: More than 55 percent patients infected with corona in the country got discharged from hospitals

The corona virus is spreading rapidly in the northeastern states as well

The number of corona virus-infected patients in India has exceeded four lakhs. But it is reassuring that more than half of these patients have fully recovered. During the last twenty-four hours, 13,925 patients were discharged from the hospital.

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However, during this time more than 15 thousand new cases were also reported and more than three hundred patients lost their lives. During this period 1,90,730 people have also been investigated. So far more than 68 lakh people have been corona examined.

55.49 percent patients infected with corona virus in the country have recovered

According to data released by the Union Health Ministry at 8 am on Sunday, 55.49 percent patients infected with the corona virus in the country have become healthy. The total number of infected has increased to 4,10,461 with 15,413 new cases reported during the last twenty four hours.

Of these, 2,27,755 patients have fully recovered. 13,254 people have died so far and 1,69,451 active cases remain. In this way, the number of patients recovering from active cases is 58,305 more.

12,501 new cases were reported in the country

At the same time, according to information received from the PTI and other sources from the states and union territories till 7.00 pm, 12,501 new cases have been reported since late Saturday night.

During this period, 11,943 people have also recovered. The total infected has been 4,06,351. Of these, 2,30,357 people have been fully recovered so far and there are 1,62,653 active cases.