Country Singers Tribute Kenny Rogers in ACM Presents: Our Country Concert

At a recent country music concert, late country singer Kenny Rogers was given a tribute by the big singers.

In this concert, big country singers like Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie gave him a tribute to sing and remember him in his village.

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The Country Music Festival has been canceled due to Coronavirus, which has been compensated by ACM Presents: Our Country.

Giving him a tribute, Singer and his friend Lionel Richie said “What started out to be a great collaboration between two guys, Kenny Rogers and myself, ended up giving me a surprise.”

“Not only did we have a hit record, but I found one of the greatest friends I ever had in my whole life. The loss of him is tremendous on my heart. “

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“We lived so much life together, and tonight I want to celebrate his life. And I want to say to all of his fans: He enjoyed the ride. Let us celebrate his life, his legacy, and more importantly, the music. God bless you, Kenny. God bless your family. I love you very much. “

Last month, Kenny Rogers died at the age of 81.