CoronaVirus threat at London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week

Due to the effect of Coronavirus, all the flights coming from many other countries in China are being canceled. The Chinese fashion community, press, designers and buyers all want to start a show right now. Chinese editor and influencer Leaf Greiner is one of the lucky people who arrived in Paris before the outbreak of the coronovirus.

Those who are traveling to China or living in China will not be easy to go to any country, especially in big shows like New York and Milan Fashion Weeks. All the big medical officers have asked all people to remain calm and take care of their health.

The biggest challenge at this time is that when 2 big shows are about to start and Chinese people or people from all around China are involved in these events, then the health of all people should be right.

London Fashion Week: 14 February – 18

The British Fashion Council said in a statement today that we look forward to our affection for the Chinese community logo and that the information and content distribution given by them will be enhanced at London Fashion Week so that their value in the logo is not reduced in any way. In addition to good hygiene practices and hygiene, the BFC has also announced that every evening, 180 of the central hub of the program is strand plus anti-bacterial E Sanitaijhr will be available at the location.

Milan Fashion Week: February 18 – 24.

Camara Nazionale della Moda (National Chamber for Italian Fashion), organizer of Milan Fashion Week, was the first to respond to the trip lockdown in China in a practical way. On Tuesday, Chamber President Carlo Capsa announced his ‘We are China, we are with you’. The two-way project aims to engage both the buyers, the press and the authorities as well as the Chinese fashion community at large and support Chinese designers who are similarly grounded by the lockdown. The community can participate remotely through live-streaming, dedicated social media forums and backstage videos and interview content, he said. For Chinese designers who were due to present their own collections, they would have the opportunity to showcase their lineup digitally and through video calls. “We prefer to build bridges instead of raising walls,” Capsa said, emphasizing the importance of the Chinese market for Milan. Reporting by Sandra Salibian