Corona’s coronation: More than two and a half times deaths in just 12 days, 3 million Corona may be positive by the end of April

The entire planet is at risk of the corona virus. The country most affected in Europe is Italy where 19,468 people died from infection.

In Europe on Sunday, the number of those who died from it crossed 75,000. Of these, only in Italy, Spain, France, and Britain, 80 per cent of deaths occurred. Of the 9.09.673 people infected in Europe, 75.011 died.

On Sunday 619 people died in Spain. 950 people died in a single day on 2 April. number of people infected has risen to 1,66,019 after 4,167 new cases of infection have been identified.The country’s official death toll increased to 4,474, after 117 more people died on Sunday in Iran. In the meantime, certain constraints are calming. 

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