Corona infected figures exceed 90 thousand in country, 50 thousand patients increased in 14 days

The number of corona infected in the country has reached 90 thousand 921. On Saturday, the maximum number of 4792 patients increased in one day, while 3979 were also healthy.

In Maharashtra, the number of infected has crossed 30 thousand, while in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu has crossed 10,000.

According to the Union Health Ministry, there are 90 thousand 927 infected in the country. 53 thousand 946 are being treated. 34 thousand 108 have been cured and 2872 have died. 

On Saturday, 1606 reports were positive in Maharashtra, 1057 in Gujarat, 477 in Tamil Nadu, 438 in Delhi, 213 in Rajasthan, 201 in Uttar Pradesh, 195 in Madhya Pradesh, 115 in West Bengal, 112 in Bihar, 108 in Jammu and Kashmir.

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