Contagion will compete in Bollywood film ‘Emergence’

The film based on the story of the corona-like epidemic is soon to be revealed to the audience. The famous director, who has won the National Film Award, has named the film Emergence. The makers have stepped up preparations to release it as soon as possible.

Bollywood has been prepared to show the story of epidemic like corona virus which has caused worldwide destruction. Famous film director Anand Gandhi has announced a film emergency based on the story of the epidemic.

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According to Anand Gandhi, when he was making the film Ship of Theseus, then the idea of ​​making a film about the disease that originated from the virus came to his mind. The script of the film has been in operation for the last five years.

Anand Gandhi has named the film Emergence. He has added Hollywood’s top film specialists and subject experts to make the film as soon as possible.

In this episode, epidemiologist Larry Brilliant, an expert in Hollywood superhit film Contagion, has also joined Anand’s film.