CNN reporter Omar Jimenez arrested Chicago’s top coop after hours of interview

CNN journalist Omar Jimenez was interviewed by Chicago’s Superintendent of Police and other high-profile officers hours before he was arrested on Friday.

Jimenez, who usually works out of Chicago, has gained widespread attention after his arrest by state police in Minneapolis early Friday, while covering protests over the murder of George Floyd.

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Jimenez’s cameraman registered the arrest and aired it live on CNN. The video shows Jimenez calmly speaking with the authorities and offering to move filming to a new location. The officers then arrest him.

Hours earlier, on Thursday night, Jimenez conducted a 100 Black Men online panel discussion among Chicago police groups. David Brown, Sen. Dick Durbin, dr. Michael McGee and Drs. Brian Williams.

Jimenez is an alumnus of Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and was once an intern for NBC in Chicago. He also worked at WGEM in Down Quincy. Jimenez has worked with CNN since 2017. Charles Whitaker, dean of Medill, wrote in an email to students and teachers on Friday that he had been arrested “for the sin of doing journalism”.