Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse: How and where the lunar eclipse will look today

Second lunar eclipse of 2020 is going to happen on Friday

On June 21, a solar eclipse will also occur. The special thing is that both these eclipses will be seen in India. This will be a shadow lunar eclipse. Which will start at 11:16 pm on June 5 and will end at 02:32 on June 6. The eclipse may be at its maximum impact at 12:54 pm.

The shadow lunar eclipse is not very impressive, during this period the Sutak period is also not valid. People from Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa will be able to see.

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However, due to this eclipse lunar eclipse, it will be difficult to differentiate between normal moon and eclipse. There will be no change in the size of the moon at the time of the eclipse.

According to astrology, the Sutak period of the lunar eclipse is not valid. Because it is not considered an actual eclipse. In astrology the same eclipse is taken seriously which can be seen with open eyes. A similar lunar eclipse occurred on 10 January.

The lunar eclipse is an astronomical event. Which happens when the moon comes into its shadow just behind the Earth. This can only happen when the Sun, Earth and Moon lie in a nearly straight line in this sequence. So there is a lunar eclipse when the moon passes through the penumbra while orbiting the earth.