Celebrities Death 2020: This list tells how wretched the year 2020

The year 2020 started with high expectations. While starting half journey, it has started feeling quite wretched. The outbreak of Corona virus has been going on since the beginning of this year.

Apart from this, many bad news has also come from Bollywood. Legendary actors like Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor bid farewell to the world. Now the pair of Sajid-Wajid have also broken up.

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Irfan Khan– Irfan Khan was ill for a long time. However, in the meantime his film ‘English Medium’ was released, the fans felt that he was making a comeback. But first his mother left, then on April 29, Irfan also said goodbye to this world.

Rishi Kapoor– Before the shock of Irfan Khan’s departure, Bollywood could recover, before veteran actor Rishi Kapoor also left the world. Rishi Kapoor, suffering from cancer (Leukemia), breathed his last on April 30, just a day later.

Wajid Khan– Sajid-Wajid duo is quite famous in the music industry. But on 1 June the pair broke up. Wajid Khan died on this day. Wajid recently underwent a kidney transplant. He had a kidney infection and was on ventilator.