Candace Owens Says She was Stopped by Police in Whole Food Shopping Not Wearing Face Mask

Furious Republican activist Candace Owens was prevented from taking whole food without a mask by police due to a coronavirus epidemic.

Owens came live on top of his Facebook page and told him about the incident.

 She told about the incident that she had gone shopping with her husband George Farmer for the essentials of the house.

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During this time she was anxious for the trolley and cleanliness for the goods but no one heard about this.

When he complained to the police, he too did not pay attention to this and started asking them to wear masks.

According to Owens, while taking salmon, she and her husband covered their mouths with clothes.

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He said in his video “I said” I don’t have a mask. I haven’t bought one. “” I didn’t race to buy toilet paper, I’m not a part of the corona crazies. I’m not a part of the tin foil hat, bunkering in my basement. I’m just living my life. “

“We must’ve been in the store for like, four minutes picking some stuff, and the police officer chases me down and she says that she’s getting complaints that I don’t have a mask on.”