With the increase in Corona cases, California governor, Newsome, announces ‘stay at home’ orders again

What Newsome said in his speech?

“I wanted to update you on where we are in terms of California COVID-19 response, as we have been doing on a weekly basis, let me begin the week by just starting upfront some of the trend lines that continue to create caution and concern here in the state of California.

We are continuing to see hospitalization rise in the state we are continuing to see a modest increase in ICUs and number of beds represented by ICU patients throughout the state of California and we continued to experience an increase in the rate of positivity here in the state of California”, said by the governor of the state of California, Gavin Newsome.

What kind of ‘stay-at-home’ Newsome recommended?

He further added that this was already very clear and obvious that we are moving back to a modification mode of our original ‘stay at home’ order. He said this should be continued as a dimmer switch that is on a moderate pace, not in on and off state, which creates an upheaval when people get things normal and start avoiding SOPs.

He said a dimmer switch means that people should not shut down their businesses, but they should do it under the announced SOPs and there will be no need of shutting down the whole economic activity in the most populous state of the United States of America.

While giving his speech, he said that today we are going to announce new statewide actions as it is related to stay-at-home orders in the most populous state of California. He requested all counties to close their indoor activities amid an increase in cases of coronavirus cases statewide.

He named the following sectors where he asked for the closure of indoor functions and indoor activities, including restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos and museums, card rooms, and the shuttering of all bars.

This is in every county of the state of California, not just the counties that were on the monitoring list that was announced on July 1st. This new statewide action was announced on 13th July and imposed on the indoor activities and functions in the state, which will give the opportunity to the outdoor activities in these specific categories.

Newsome said that in those counties which are in modified county list under observation should close their indoor activities in additional sectors so the sectors that are closing stay wide again restaurants, wineries, movie theaters, family entertainment and all of the above-mentioned sectors to the extent possible.

Sectors to close indoor operations in counties:

Fitness centers, places of worship, offices for non-critical sectors, personal care services that include hair salons, barbershops and indoor malls. These are the additional sectors to be closed by the county list that are under observation or that are on the monitoring list.

Every county is under close observation, but some of the counties are given special reactions due to their more coronavirus stimulus. Before this announcement, there were thirty counties on the monitoring list, but yesterday witnessed four additional counties, increasing the list number to 34.

Four additional counties that came under observation on the monitoring list:

There are four new counties that are on the monitoring list with already thirty counties on the list, including placer county, Sonoma County, Sutter, and Yuba county.

The surge in California:

As of July 13, the state of California had reported 320,000 plus confirmed cases and around 7000 deaths. Since Sunday, July 12, 23 people have been reported dead. The country’s most populous county, the county of Los Angeles, is leading both the state and the country in the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus 2019. There are more than 133,000 confirmed cases in Los Angeles alone, CSSE at John Hopkins University said in its report.