Brain washes of those who attacked doctors and nurses

Film actress Raveena Tandon has launched a new campaign aimed at curbing the spread of rumors and urging everyone not to attack medical professionals.

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Whether she is talking about climate change or requesting people not to leave their pets at the time of this corona virus outbreak and now she has come up with a new initiative on her Instagram handle called #JeetegaIndiaJeetengeHum .

She explains, ‘We can see on TV attacking Doctor Rupi Bhagwan, who is currently at the forefront of this war against COVID-19. The doctors and nurses are out, they are our soldiers who are fighting selflessly regardless of their lives and then some people are attacking them.

She says that even more sad thing is, ‘It is the people of their own country who are doing the same to other countrymen’. Raveena Tandon further said, ‘Unfortunately due to ignorance people are falling prey to false news and rumors. What is coronovirus, how is it spreading? They are not aware of this right.