Bollywood actor Prakash Raj tweeted, expressed grief over Aurangabad’s train accident

In Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, 15 migrant laborers died in the grip of the train on Friday morning.

Bollywood actor Prakash Raj has made a tweet regarding this matter. Prakash Raj’s tweet is becoming very viral on social media.

In this tweet, Bollywood actor Prakash Raj, who has expressed his views on contemporary issues, is expressing his sorrow over this painful incident and at the same time is calling it heart wrenching.

Prakash Raj has shared this photo by tweeting.

In this photo, rotis made by the laborers are seen scattered on the rail on the track.

Sharing the photo, the actor wrote, “Ah! Heart-wrenching. We left them … We left them. We are all responsible for this. So we can at least see our faulty system.”

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