“Beyhadh 2” fame actor Shivin Narang admitted to hospital, Left hand injured badly

“Beyhadh 2” fame actor Shivin was admitted to the hospital.

According to the Times of India report, Shivin accidentally sang on the glass table of his house. Due to which there was a lot of injury to his left hand.

According to the source related to the actor, the report says – When Shivin fell, the glass table was broken. Shivin got hurt badly. A lot of his blood had gone out. 

The actor’s condition is much better than before. Due to social distancing in the hospital, Shivin’s parents are also not being allowed to meet them.

This is the second accident with Shivin Narang in the last 5 months. On January 1, Shivin was admitted to the same hospital after a hairline fracture. 

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