Top 10 Ranked Universities in the United Kingdom

Rankings of universities in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom was responsible for the development of modern education more than any other nation on the planet. They are responsible for the development of the English language that became the global language and connected to many countries. 

Apart from this, it became the hub for the development of modern literature and other subjects. Some of the significant and oldest universities in the world were founded in the United Kingdom, and they still stand as the symbol of knowledge throughout the world.

Universities in England are famous throughout the world and attract students from different backgrounds. Their culture of producing some of the remarkable intellectuals, politicians, and achievers in different fields is legendary.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a domicile of the united kingdom or a foreign national, if you wish to be a part of the English academic culture, then you must work very hard as these universities are not easy to get in.

Students from all around the world dream of attending these universities and work very hard to be the lucky ones. 

Assignment help is often needed by students once they make it to colleges, as continuous assignments will come up throughout their stay in the college.

Below we will share with you the top ten universities in the united kingdom that students should strive to get in.

  • University of Cambridge

Cambridge University is one of the finest universities in the world and the best in the united kingdom. It is the fourth oldest university in the world and the second in the English speaking world.

 It has very high standards and is not to get in. Once you make it to Cambridge, a very high standard is expected from you in the matter of academics, and in return, you will get some of the best education of current times.

Cambridge has 150 active, sophisticated faculty who are pioneers in their fields. 

There are six academic schools presently operating at Cambridge through different affiliated colleges.

  1. Arts and humanities
  2. Clinical medicine
  3. Social sciences
  4. Biological sciences 
  5. Technology 
  6. Physical sciences
  • University of Oxford.

The University of Oxford is the oldest in the English speaking world. Throughout its long history, it has maintained a tradition of academic excellence and a culture of learning. It has a friendly and healthy competition with Cambridge university as these two are the best in the UK.

The University of Oxford has a very distinct reputation throughout the world and attracts international students in large numbers.

The university provides different academics programs under humanities division, mathematics ,life and physical science division , medical science division and social science division.

  • University of St. Andrews

 The university of St.Andrews was founded in the 15th century in scotland. It is the 3rd university established in the English speaking world and was the first in Scotland. 

St. Andrews provides one of the best humanities studies throughout the world. Subjects, including English literature, history, classics, anthropology, international studies, religious studies, philosophy, and history, are provided to students in the humanities and arts sections.

Other courses in science and medicine are also provided at the university.

The first woman student was admitted to the University of st. Andrews, in 1892, it was a time when the majority of universities in England were reluctant to take women students.

  • London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of economics and political science is of the best institutions in the world for social sciences. It continues to have a high place in the academic world and attracts the most significant number of international students in the United kingdom.

Lse offers its students a culture of high-grade intellectual inquiry and research. It expects the students to keep up with the high standard of academics.

Lse graduates are highly sought by employers and have one of the highest employment rates in the world. 

  • Imperial College London 

Known for its research quality, the Imperial College of London is one of the finest institutions for business, science, medicine, and engineering.

It was the vision of Prince Albert to develop London’s South Kensington as a center for education that led to the foundation of the imperial college.

Sir alexander fleming, who discovered penicillin was an alumnus of the college. Apart from him, the college has produced 13 other Nobel prize winners. 

  • Durham university 

By the royal charter of the king of 1837, granted by King William IV, Durham university college became Durham university. A good percentage of students at Durham University are international students, as it is often considered an alternative to Oxford and Cambridge.

Durham University has three main faculties.

  • Arts and humanities
  • Science and social science
  • Health

Sixteen colleges and 25 departments come under the university and provide almost 200 undergraduate and 130 postgraduate courses for students.

  • Lancaster university

Lancaster University was founded in the city of Lancaster, United kingdom, in 1947 through a proposal of a public meeting. 

Lancaster University is one of the finest in the united kingdom when it comes to research-based studies. International students find it a suitable place to pursue higher studies, and the university also provides a unique and extensive support system for them. 

Lancaster university faculty and departments include Arts and social sciences, health and medicine, science and technology, and a state of the art management school. 

  • Loughborough university

Loughborough University is a postgraduate college based in Leicestershire. It is one of the finest universities in the united kingdom in the matter of sports and has produced international level athletes who have represented Uk at different sports events.

Loughborough University provides students with a vast range of courses from aeronautical and automotive engineering to social and policy studies.

  • University of Bath

The University of Bath is a world-class institution located in a world heritage city. The university received a royal charter in 1966 and continues to be one of the best institutions for higher studies in the United Kingdom and the world.

The University of Bath has a dedicated faculty of engineering and design, faculty of humanities and social sciences, faculty of science and school of management.

  • University College London 

University College London has the 2nd best staff-student ratio in the united kingdom. It is the largest college under the University of London and is known as the ‘London’s global university.’

Alexander graham bell, the inventor of the telephone, is an alumnus of the university college. It is one of the finest institutions in the world for medicine, law, and science.

These were the top ten universities in the United Kingdom that you should look forward to attend, if you are domicile of the united kingdom or international students who wish to study there.

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