Best Time To Post On Instagram-Best Day To Post On Instagram

Best Time To Post On Instagram

All over in 2020 and 2021social media platforms became more important than ever as a way for people to keep quick connections, find new hobbies, and trends, and be well-informed on recent events. The most important thing nowadays is knowing the best time to post on Instagram. 

Today to get more Instagram followers you should create and post exciting content that other users will desire. According to Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm, if you do not post at the right time your Instagram followers might never see your posts. Knowing when to post something on Instagram will help you to be seen and known for the rockstar you like. It always works for you and is never against you when trying to create a name for yourself online.   

If you are not aware or confused about the suitable time to post on Instagram, then don’t worry. Most people are not familiar with this information when they first open an Instagram account because it is not an awareness base that Instagram makes easily available to all its users. 

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Best Day And Time To Post On Instagram

Earlier, there was an actual science for how Instagram shows posts in people’s feeds. It just arranged all posts from the followers’ accounts in recorded order. No matter at what time you posted, it would be seen by all of your followers who opened Instagram at that time, regardless of how little engagement it acquired.

Now today the Instagram algorithm makes it difficult to be seen if you don’t get sufficient likes and comments. It is a dual-edged sword if you suppose about it. If you want stability in terms of comments, likes, and shares on your Instagram post, you will like to prepare them for the following times of every day of the week. 

Best time to post on Instagram on Monday

The finest time to post on Instagram on Monday is 11 AM to 1 PM. A stable engagement starts in the morning at 8 AM and stays until 8 PM. Instagram users’ usage moderately falls after that and is noticed lowest from 11 PM to 6 PM.

Best time to post on Instagram on Tuesday

The most reasonable time to post on Instagram on Tuesday is 10 AM  to 5 PM. a  powerful amount of engagement still lasts till 10 PM in the night, after which the engagement rate begins to lessen gradually.

Best time to post on Instagram on Wednesday

The right time on Wednesday to post on Instagram is the same as Monday, 11 AM to 1 PM. An extended belt of stable engagement remains on Wednesday starting right in the morning from 6 AM to 11 PM.  and this is also the longest duration in the whole week.

Best time to post on Instagram on Thursday

The proper time to post on Thursday on Instagram is 11 AM to 12 PM. A quite giant amount of engagement stays from 10 AM to  4 PM. after which it slowly starts falling, reaching its lower peak at 12 AM to 4 AM.

Best time to post on Instagram on Friday

The most suitable time to post on Instagram on Friday is 11 AM to 1 PM. the engagement rate begins early on a Friday morning from 7 AM and falls early at 5 PM. Friday night notices the lower engagement from 10 PM to 7 AM.

Best time to post on Instagram on Saturday

The most appropriate time to post on Instagram on Saturday is 10 AM to 1 PM. Saturday is the second suited day to post on Instagram after Sunday.  The engagement rate is noticed high as compared to other days of the week even not during peak time. The most perfect engagement on Saturday is noticed from 4 PM to 8 AM.

Best time to post on Instagram on Sunday

The most suitable time on Sunday to post on Instagram is 9 AM to 4 PM. yet, the quality of Instagram engagement noticed on a Sunday is the highest as compared to the days of the week. That’s why Sunday is too the best day to post on Instagram if you wish your post to gain the publicity it deserves. The suitable time to post on Instagram on Sunday is 6 PM to 8 AM.

Best Time To Post Reels On Instagram

Instagram reel content is formerly becoming a huge part of both influencers’ and brands’ content plans in 2022. Posting 4 -7 reels a week is required for receiving Instagram users’ attention. This will eventually grow your accounts’ visibility and lead to more attention. 

Selecting the single accurate time to post reels on Instagram might be tricky, but here is what investigations have found after studying more than 100,000 reels on Instagram to see suitable engagement rates. 

Day Of The WeekBest Time To Post Reels On Instagram
Monday5 AM, 9 AM, 9 PM
Tuesday1 AM, 3 AM, *8 AM
Wednesday6 AM, 7 AM, 10 PM
Thursday8 AM, *11 AM, 6 PM.
Friday*4 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM
Saturday10 AM, 6 PM, 7 PM
Sunday6 AM, 7 AM, 3 PM

Best Time To Post Videos On Instagram

The nighttime is perfect for posting Videos on Instagram and daylight seems the accurate time to post on Instagram for art and images.  Even though videos of just 3 seconds can be uploaded on Instagram, people still find it further time absorbing to watch videos than images.

The most suitable time considered to post videos on Instagram is 9 PM and 8 AM because at that time people are mostly at their homes and have free time. The effective engagement rate of the video is noticed when people are on their lunch break from work, and 7 PM to 9 PM, just after people have left work, are accurate times to upload new videos on Instagram.

Best Time To Post Instagram Story

There is nothing more annoying than posting great stories on Instagram, only sitting and waiting for views to roll in. don’t worry, it is likely not your stories simply that’s hindering the views. It might be the time is not accurate at which you post it. An impressive fact about Instagram stories is that they get two to three times the attention of normal posts. So, if you are an owner of a brand, stories are your friend.

It proceeds without saying that understanding your viewers and their social habits will get the most elevated engagement for Instagram stories as well. The lunch break, the hours before work, and late afternoons, get you the most views. You can also read insta reels downloader.