Bamfaad Review: The romance of Aditya Rawal and Shalini Pandey did not work

With the film ‘Bumfad’ Director Rajan Chandel made a multimedia debut. They have tried to show the old Allahabad (in local people’s language) in this. Aditya Rawal, son of Paresh Rawal, made a digital debut in the film. At the same time the South film ‘Arjun Reddy’ actress Shalini Pandey is also seen. The romance apparently disappeared between Aditya and Shalini. Directors of the film Rajan and Hanjalah Shahid seem to be straggling to portray Nasir and Neelam’s relationship. Attempts were made, without justification, to confuse audiences in certain ways. For the first time, Aditya Rawal has been seen in the lead role and it would be correct to say he has the talent to act. 

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