Baba is absolutely fine, All rumors about his health are false : Vivaan Shah

The veteran actor of Bollywood, Naseeruddin Shah is at his home in Lockdown. A news came the previous day that Naseeruddin Shah’s health is bad and he is hospitalized.

However later this news was thrown out and the actor himself dismissed the news of his ill health. Veteran actor Naseeruddin shah Said on Thursday that he is “fine” and is at home at the moment.

Along with this, his son Vivaan Shah also made a tweet related to the health of his father .

In which he told that Baba is fine and the news related to his health is false.

Naseeruddin Shah in a Facebook post thanked people for their concern and reassured them about his health.

He said, “I thank all the people who worry about my health and assure them that I am fine.” In his post, he said,¬†following Please do not believe any rumors.

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