Bаrcеlonа vs Vіllаrreаl: New Formation, that sees Antoine Griezmann, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez Combines Brilliantly

Barcelona trying to make a fight for it, as they beat Villarreal 4-1 at the Camp Nau. Sometimes asking questions is very easy and simple as it comes its own way out. Most of the Barcelona fans are having this question after Griezmann has played brilliantly against Villarreal on his favorite position, that whether Lionel Messi or Antoine Griezmann will have to change position.

Because if Antoine Griezmann plays brilliantly on his favorite position then someone else has to change his position and that someone is not anyone else, but the star player of Barcelona, Lionel Messi.


Barcelona vs Villarreal Match Summary

At Villarreal on Sunday, Barcelona won 4-1, but Barcelona displayed best since started last month. Match started with an own goal from Pau Torres of Villarreal, which was canceled out by Gerard Moreno, a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Villarreal CF and the Spanish national team as a striker.

Lionel Messi’s goal was ruled out by Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in the second half, however, Barcelona was moved into a two-goal lead by Antoine Griezmann and Luis Suarez’ goals in the first half.

Friends have been asking, why Barcelona does not play as they played on Sunday, every week? Barcelona remains four points adrift of league leaders, Real Madrid.

Point Table of the League

Real Madrid being on the top has 77 points, Barcelona with 73 points is runner up, and Atletico Madrid with 62 points is on the third place in the point table.

New Formation against Villarreal

The French footballer, Antoine Griezmann, kept his head down and worked very hard in Sunday game, and delivered the goals against Villarreal, as He played his favorite position a more familiar central role alongside Luis Suarez. Winning against Villarreal is a positive thing about Barcelona, as it proves that they are playing potentially now.

Once Messi said before football was stopped in March, that they would never win the Champions League playing as they were playing. But win against Villarreal, with six unbeaten games, away from home gives the light in the tunnel for Barcelona.

What is negative about performance at this stage?

Performing at this stage of La Liga is probably late, as Barcelona remain four points behind the leading team, Madrid, with only four games left to play. Madrid final four games give clear indications of Madrid being on the top, as its final four matches are against:

  1.   Alaves: Alaves is on number 15 on table points, with just 34 points.
  2.   Granada: Granada is at position 10, with 47 points
  3.   Villarreal: Villarreal is on 5th position, with 54 points
  4.   Leganes: Leganes is an easy target for Madrid with just 34 points and just before the last position on the points table, that is 19

What is positive for Barcelona?

Amid this losing hopes, there is something positive for Barcelona as well. As La Liga is drifting away, but Barcelona is having a champions trophy on his way, starting next month. The back-to-Back draw was disappointing for Seiten, but he has got something and that worked with a change in position, that brought the best out of Griezmann.