Aryan beaten a girl for calling Shahrukh fat

Shah Rukh Khan’s film Om Shanti Om, released in 2007, was well received by the people. For the first time in a film, Shahrukh appeared with Six Pack Abs.

At the age of 42, the fans were surprised to see this avatar of Shahrukh. But these abs were made by Shah Rukh not because of the film but to avenge his son Aryan’s insult.

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On Karan Johar’s show, Shah Rukh revealed that his nine-year-old son Aryan considered him fat. And when a girl in school called Shahrukh fat, Aryan had a fight with her. After which Shahrukh also scolded his son.

Shahrukh had said, ‘My son thinks I am fat. He beat up a girl. That girl first abused me. But Aryan did not say anything. Then the girl said that I looked very ugly in Kaun Banega Crorepati. Aryan controlled this too and did not say anything.

Shahrukh further added, ‘And finally when the girl said that your father is fat, Aryan killed her. I was very angry at this, then Aryan told me that it was not the fault of that girl. This has been your reason. Why are you fat You are not ugly. You KBC also looked smart. I know you’re cool but you’re fat dad. ‘