Arjun Kapoor selling clothes and shoes to help Coronavirus Lockdown

Bollywood celebrities have come forward to help the affected people in the corona virus lockdown. Arjun Kapoor apart from contributing to the PM Cares Fund, Maharashtra CM Relief Fund, has also helped the film institutions.

Now Arjun is going to put his personal clothes and other things online for the care of the destitute stray animals in lockdown. For this sale, Arjun will take pictures of all the tees and post them online. Their fans can shop their glasses, caps, shoes and T-shirts.

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Regarding this initiative, Arjun said- I am helping the institutions as much as possible. We should not forget those animals while fighting the epidemic.

Ever since the lockdown began, the number of animals dying on the streets has increased, as they have no recourse to food.

Arjun had earlier done virtual dating to help unemployed daily wage workers due to COVID-19 lockdown through the Give India organization. The amount raised through this dating was spent on ration for 300 families a month.