Anurag Basu: What will change the world of films due to COVID-19?

The film industry has been affected due to COVID-19. Shooting of many films has been stopped. There are many films that are ready to be release, but are due to COVID-19. Anurag Basu said that after the end of COVID-19, there will be a big change in the world of Cinema.

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The world of Storytelling and its nature will change. Speaking to news agency PTI, Anurag Said, ‘The world of cinema and entertainment will be defined as pre-corona and post-corona’. Anurag feels that after Corona, the audience of cinema will chane completely. Anurag said, ‘Some people’s lives will change’.

This will affect his likes and dislikes, such as what he will see and what not. Anurag feels that the audience coming into theaters after the lockdown is quite misplaced. He hopes that Bollywood filmmakers will work together to chalk out the release calendar, enticing the audience to come to the cinema hall. He said that I hope that people will not fight for a date and will not eat the business of another.