Angie Harmon Shares Sexy Throwback pic to delighted her followers

Actress Angie Harmon is taking a walk down memory lane. 47-year-old actress Angie Harmon shared her beautiful sexy throwback photos for her followers and fans this week.

Sharing this photo on her Twitter account, he wrote in the caption, “Ah the good ol ‘days … outside … somewhat dressed.”

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Her post was well appreciated and liked by his followers. In this photo of Angie Harmon, she appeared wearing little to no clothes, as a white shirt is draped over her bare chest and her hair is soaking wet.

Her post became full in a short time due to the gracious comments of his millions of fans. Many asked her if it’s possible for her to ever snap a bad photo.

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One of her fans commented “I bet ur drivers license pic is stunning 2. But I still LUV u anyway. Lol.”

another fan wrote that “Absolutely gorgeous photo of a gorgeous you. Thanks for sharing.”

Many of her similar fans commented on his post.